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          Marketing Phone:+86-510-85137261-8013
          After-sales service phone:+86-510-85137261-8060
          Company email:aok@aokheater.com
          Marketing Mailbox:asst@aokheater.com
          After-sales service mailbox:ass@aokheater.com
          Add:13# ,Sutie Road, Hudai Industry Park,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province,China
          Your location:Home > Company > About us
          About us

          Wuxi AOK Electrical Equipment Limited is a high-tech joint-stock company specialized in technical consulting and system designing service for electric heating and heat tracing. We also offer production, installation and field service for electric heaters and heat tracing system.

          We aim at expanding our market by providing high quality products and fulfilling every single aspect of our contract. We have now acquired ISO9001-2008 for heat tracing and electric heating products, ed II CT4 explosion proof for electric heaters and Chinese marine service certification.

          Our engineers have abundant experience in developing, designing, manufacturing and installation. Our product is widely used in fields like petroleum (including offshore oil platforms and marine vessels), petrifaction, natural gas, chemistry, electric, metallurgy, mechanism, pharmacy and fire pipes for civil use.

          Wuxi AOK Electrical Equipment Limited has established modern enterprise system to bring in scientific and systematic management. We aim to expand both domestic and international market by offering great product, service and credit to our customers.

          ISO9001、Ex、ATEX、FM、EAC、CE、UL、WPQR(Comply With PED、ASME)    
          COPYRIGHT ? 2016 Wuxi AOK Electrical Equipment Limited ALL RIGHT RESERVED.
          Su ICP 05031845-1