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          Electric heating trace designing

          The meaning of electric heat tracing is that heating the pipe and craftwork equipment that needed, complementing the heat, which is losing through heat preservation layer. Run after and control their temperature, and keep the temperature in  a logical and economical manner.
          Major application
          Mainland/sea oil field:
          clean water system, seawater disposing system, instrument preventing frostbite, oil and gas pipe  preventing frostbite, hot water system
          Oil refining industry:
          benzene, distillation, ammonia, hydrocracking, sodium hydroxide, coal carbonization, heavy oil, wax, sulfur, sulfuration, xylene, asphaltum, gas or liquid, fission remnant liquid, dreg oil
          Petroleum industry:
          Purified Anhydride Acid, acrylic resin, PVC, cinnamene and polystyrene,    industry gas, DPE, Polybutylene terephthalate, maleimide, colophony
          Chemical industry:
          sulfuric acid, isopropyl benzene, phenol, formaldehyde, drobromide, chlorine, polyamide and itself monomer, IPDA, alkalescence cyanide
          Electric power industry:
          high- pressure water supply, exclude pollution and vent, meter, vapor, degasification, high pressure condensation, acid and alkali, heavy oil, ignition oil route
          hot water system, floor warm-keeping system, roof de-icing system, snow-melting system, gas store tanks system preventing frostbite
          Foodstuff and beverage:
          chocolate tran sportation tube,    edible oil, beer and soft drinking yielding  craftwork, fat
          duality fat, aromatic radical, chain fat acid,bi-mellow
          Public utility equipment:
          condensation system, craftwork gas tube, fuel
          Paper pulp and ware:
          craftwork-using water, drinking water, fighting-using water , meter tube, glues, and bond
          cooling water system, water-soluble dope

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