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          The heater of 200L jerrican

          The heater of 200Ljerrican is the common standard container for the company using. As the low freezing liquor, for example: loading axunge, asphaltum, oil paint, waxwork, Vaseline etc, it is difficulty for pump and let, especially it is cold. The heater of 200Ljerrican can solve this problem. And it is convenient for using, safety, and high efficient, clean.
          Technical Capability
          Power:5.4kW(Jerrican body 4.5kW,underpan 0.9kW)
          Outline:Out Dia.780mm,Inner Dia.650mm,High 970mm
          Resist electric intensity :1500V/min
          Insulating resistance :≥1.5MΩ
          PLS connect to the company, if the users have the special requirement or other technical question while order, for example: power supply changes, temperature controlling with the figure display, and so on.

          ISO9001、Ex、ATEX、FM、EAC、CE、UL、WPQR(Comply With PED、ASME)    
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