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          The document of electric heating
          Computation Unit
          1.Wattage:W、kW 1kW=3.412BTU/hr
          2.Weight:kg 1kg=2.204621b
          3.Flow rate:m/min  
          5.Specific heat:Kcal/(kg℃) 1kcal/(kg℃)=1BTU/hr.oF
          6.Wattage density:W/cm2 1W/c㎡=6.4516 W/in2
          8.Heat conductivity:W/(m℃) 1 W/(m℃)=0.01J/(cm s℃)
          9.Temp.:℃ 1oF=9/5℃+32  
          Calculating the heater wattage
           Calculation of the heating wattage refers to the following three point :
          Wattage for working
          Wattagefor startup
          System heat loss
          All the calculation should be under the worst condition:
          The lowest ambient temp.
          Max process Temp.
          The shortest process cycle
          Max weight for heating medium (as for flowing medium ,it is the max flux)
          The step for designing the heater system:
          According to the craftwork process, draw the technical flow chart of the heater. (It doesn't contain material and specification)
          Calculating the needed energy for the craftwork
          Calculating the needed energy and time while the system startup
          Re-draw technical flow chart, and consider the right safety factor, and confirm the total wattage for the heater.  
          Confirming the jacket material for the hating component and wattage density.
          Confirming the size and amount for the heater
          Confirming the power supply and control system for the heater

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